Aurora is an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer.

With over 15 years’ experience as a founder, advisor and consultant for a range of companies across the US, Europe and Africa, she helps organizations to innovate by focusing on their impacts and developing a sustainability path that can create value over the long term.

Aurora’s passion for building sustainable businesses through innovation finds its roots in Silicon Valley, where she developed the ability to think in net positive terms by addressing systemic challenges that affect every stakeholder in the value chain to solve the biggest problems to the benefit of all.

It is Aurora’s vision to create sustainable economic global change that will empower and uplift nations through implementing business strategies that consider and measure environmental, social, and economic outcomes.

Aurora founded Maakola  on ESG principles with the aim of regenerating the planet through a consciously designed sustainable clothing system. Her work includes clothes, immersive digital experiences, and NFTs. She uses technological instruments including data and blockchain in her designs to drive the most urgent conversations of today, whether that’s reducing greenhouse emissions or guaranteeing that no child’s education will be compromised in the production of a garment.  She also serves at managing director at Pivotas.

Aurora was recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.