Aurora Chiste is a multifaceted individual with an unwavering commitment to fostering regenerative practices across all facets of life. Born in Venice, Italy, and later relocating to the United States, Aurora possesses a deep dedication to building a world that prioritizes the well-being of both humanity and the planet.

With a diverse range of roles and responsibilities, Aurora dons several hats, including that of a founder, executive leader, and Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. Through her various positions, she actively shapes a future that embraces the interconnectedness of our world and harnesses the immense creative potential of our collective efforts.

As the Founder of Zero+, Evolving, and Maakola, Aurora drives innovation in sustainability and responsible business growth. Zero+ aims to transform economies for a regenerative future by engineering a decentralized and transparent system that converts transactions into positive actions. Evolving guides organizations towards a more equitable and sustainable future through innovative and responsible business practices. Maakola, an ethical clothing brand, challenges conventional fashion standards and explores the interconnectedness of social and cultural systems through design.

Aurora’s transformative journey through the American recession and the mid-2000s tech boom in Silicon Valley profoundly shaped her vision and beliefs. Witnessing the revolutionary impact of groundbreaking companies like Google, Facebook, and Tesla, Aurora developed a deep understanding of the power of strong values, innovation, and community. These experiences instilled in her a steadfast dedication to harmonizing technological progress with the overall well-being of humanity.

Recognizing the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a vital catalyst in advancing Web3, Aurora believes in its potential to contribute to a more decentralized, inclusive, and human-centered Internet. She envisions a global consciousness that enables us to experience the positive outcomes of our actions, paving the way for systemic change in response to the social and environmental crises we face today. Guided by her vision, she founded Zero+ in 2023.

Aurora’s creative prowess and unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion are evident in her groundbreaking initiatives. Through Maakola, she merges fashion with digital tools and blockchain certification to empower consumers with knowledge about their environmental impact and inspire conscious choices. She introduced WearMe30Times, a digital tool that redefines how we measure clothing lifespan and promotes conscious consumption. Additionally, she spearheaded the creation of a rental collection using blockchain technology, promoting circular fashion practices and minimizing waste.

Passionate about the integration of AI and technology, Aurora serves as an executive advisor at Emerge, contributing her expertise to revolutionizing human connection and enhancing emotional connections through an Emotion AI platform. At Pela, she leverages her strategic thinking and business development expertise to position the company as a leader in generative AI. As the Chief Sustainability Officer at Novamed, she leads the integration of ESG considerations into the healthcare and real estate investment portfolio. Additionally, as an advisor at Circular, she guides the adoption of scalable infrastructure for web 3.0 DApps, driving positive change in sustainability and market development.

Aurora’s commitment to community building is evident in her role as an Innovation Advisor at the Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area, where she fosters collaboration and drives positive change for resilient and sustainable communities. She has also made significant contributions in various domains, including founding Hack for Big Choices, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing development challenges through entrepreneurship, and spearheading innovative projects in Africa focused on renewable energy solutions and market expansion.

Aurora Chiste’s trajectory exemplifies her relentless dedication to leveraging innovation for social and environmental impact. With diverse experiences from Silicon Valley to Ghana, she pioneers transformative solutions that foster regenerative practices. Believing in the power of values, innovation, and community, Aurora shapes a future that embraces interdependencies, creating a more equitable and and sustainable world. As an advocate for Web3 and regenerative finance, Aurora empowers individuals and businesses to align their actions with social and environmental goals. As Aurora Chiste continues to shape the future of technology, sustainability, and business, she remains a beacon of inspiration and a powerful advocate for a harmonious, regenerative, and inclusive future.