Aurora Chisté

Aurora Chiste, born in Venice, Italy, and later relocating to the United States, possesses an unwavering commitment to fostering regenerative practices across all facets of life. As a multifaceted individual, Aurora dons several hats, including that of a founder, executive leader and Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. Through her diverse roles, she actively shapes a future that embraces the interconnectedness of our world and harnesses the immense creative potential of our collective efforts. Her work reflects a deep dedication to building a world that prioritizes the well-being of both humanity and the planet.

Aurora serves as the Founder of Zero+, Evolving, and Maakola, driving innovation in sustainability and responsible business growth. Additionally, she offers her strategic insights as an Executive Advisor at Emerge, Pela, and Circular, an Innovation Advisor at Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area, and as the Chief Sustainability Officer at Novamed, influencing the adoption of sustainable practices and advanced technologies across diverse industries.

Aurora Chiste’s transformative journey through the American recession and the exponential mid-2000s tech boom in Silicon Valley has profoundly shaped her vision and beliefs. Witnessing the revolutionary impact of groundbreaking companies like Google, Facebook and Tesla, which transformed communication, information access, and transportation, Aurora developed a deep understanding of the power of strong values, innovation, and community. These experiences have instilled in her a steadfast dedication to harmonizing technological progress with the overall well-being of humanity.

Aurora recognizes the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a vital catalyst in advancing Web3, contributing to a more decentralized, inclusive, and human-centered Internet. She firmly believes that this convergence creates a perfect storm for transforming individual actions into collective endeavors, where our efforts become part of a bigger picture with measurable results. Guided by her vision, she seeks to cultivate a global consciousness that enables us to experience the positive outcomes of our actions, paving the way for systemic change in response to the social and environmental crises we face today. This is why she founded Zero+ in 2023.

As the Founder of Zero+, Aurora Chiste stands at the forefront of Transforming Economies for a Regenerative Future. Through her work, she engineers a decentralized and transparent system that converts transactions into positive actions. With a deep understanding of the challenges hindering the democratization of sustainability and market development, she harnesses the capabilities of Web3 and ReFi (regenerative finance) to empower individuals and businesses to align their financial decisions with social and environmental goals. This approach gives them ownership and influence over their actions, enabling them to make a meaningful impact. Aurora’s passion lies in creating a more sustainable and responsible economic model that goes beyond short-term financial gains.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to driving positive change, Aurora Chiste is shaping a future where innovation, resilience and business success are seamlessly intertwined with social and environmental well-being. Through Zero+ and her advocacy for transformative economies, she envisions a world where technology, values, and collaboration converge to create a regenerative and thriving future for all.

Aurora Chiste founded Evolving in 2020 to guide organizations towards a more equitable and sustainable future through innovative and responsible business practices. With a deep understanding of the connection between innovation, sustainability, and business success, Aurora and her team empower organizations to thrive in a conscious and rapidly evolving era. Through Evolving, they provide expert guidance on sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, helping organizations reshape their strategy and operations to align with these values. 

Aurora Chiste founded Maakola, an ethical clothing brand, in 2018, embarking on a mission to challenge conventional fashion standards and use design to explore the interconnectedness of social and cultural systems. With Maakola, Aurora celebrates the heritage of fabrics, the craftsmanship of artisans, and the individuals who wear them, weaving together the threads of freedom. Her TEDx talk, “Threads of Freedom,” sheds light on the transformative journeys of her creations, symbolizing the transition from colonial rule to a powerful representation of African identity. Through Maakola, Aurora invites others to embrace the victories of the past and champion the lineages of freedom that shape our shared future.

Maakola leads the way in merging fashion with digital tools and blockchain certification through their groundbreaking project, Inside/Out. By focusing on everyday garments like t-shirts, they bring data accessibility to new levels, revealing hidden aspects of production such as water usage and CO2 emissions. Maakola empowers consumers with knowledge about their environmental impact and inspires conscious choices through visually impactful designs. They challenge conventions and offer a fresh perspective on sustainability and design responsibility, reshaping our perception and engagement with the world.

Aurora’s creative prowess and unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion are evident in her groundbreaking initiatives. She introduced WearMe30Times, the first digital tool redefining how we measure clothing lifespan and promoting conscious consumption. Additionally, she spearheaded the creation of a rental collection using blockchain technology, promoting circular fashion practices and minimizing waste.

Aurora’s ability to seamlessly merge fashion, technology, and sustainability is exemplified in her designs for Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign, showcasing her creative prowess and commitment to making a difference. Continuously pushing boundaries, Aurora Chiste remains at the forefront of the industry, reshaping the landscape by uniting fashion, technology, and sustainability in remarkable ways.

Aurora posits that through the integration of AI across different aspects of Web3, we are poised to witness the emergence of more intelligent, efficient, and personalized digital experiences. This convergence of AI and Web3 holds immense potential for revolutionizing the way we interact with and navigate the digital realm, paving the way for a future characterized by enhanced user empowerment and seamless technological integration. Along with founding multiple innovative companies, Aurora Chiste is an accomplished executive leader, specializing in guiding organizations towards growth and success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

As an executive advisor at Emerge, she contributes her expertise to revolutionizing human connection by bridging distance and time leveraging sight, sound, touch and brain activity, all powered by an Emotion AI platform. Recognizing the global challenge of disconnection, Aurora believes in the transformative power of AI to enhance emotional connections, promote mental well-being, and overcome barriers. Aurora is working closely with the founding team to scale Emerge Wave-1, a patented consumer device that emits sound waves (ultrasound forcefields) which can be physically felt with bare hands—imagine a “virtual high five” or holding hands across the globe, with no gloves or controllers needed.

As an advisor at Pela in New York, Aurora leverages her strategic thinking and business development expertise to position the company as a leader in generative AI. With a deep understanding of emerging technologies, Aurora shapes the future by identifying expansion opportunities, driving partnerships, and fostering creativity and excellence through AI.

Additionally, as the Chief Sustainability Officer at Novamed, Aurora leads the integration of ESG considerations into the healthcare and real estate investment portfolio. She supports due diligence processes, enhances ESG performance, and transforms commercial spaces into smart infrastructure, fostering sustainable communities in emerging markets. Through her expertise and network, Aurora secures funding for sustainability initiatives, enabling investments that generate positive social and environmental impact.

Aurora’s commitment to sustainability extends to her role as an Executive Advisor at Circular in Boston, where she guides the adoption of scalable infrastructure for web 3.0 DApps. Leveraging her expertise in blockchain technology, she fosters a transparent, inclusive, and sustainable future by unlocking new opportunities and driving positive change in sustainability and market development.

Passionate about community building, Aurora serves as Innovation Advisor at the Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area. She supports the founding team to nurture a resilient community and launch unique initiatives like the First Center for SubUrban Climate Action in the United States. Through innovative strategies and stakeholder engagement, Aurora fosters collaboration, driving positive change for resilient and sustainable communities.

With a remarkable track record of driving positive change, Aurora has founded and worked for multiple companies based in San Francisco and made significant contributions in various domains.

In 2012, Aurora Chiste founded Hack for Big Choices in San Francisco, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing development challenges and advancing change through entrepreneurship. Under her leadership, the organization empowered over 400 entrepreneurs and jump-started more than 50 companies through social entrepreneurship and support programs across multiple countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Santo Domingo, and Ghana. Notably, Aurora organized the largest hackathon ever held in Africa, garnering support from influential tech giants such as Facebook, esteemed organizations like Impact Hub Accra, and public institutions like the US Embassy. Her exceptional management skills and strategic partnerships contributed to the success and impact of these initiatives.

Aurora also founded Ray Power Africa, implementing an innovative model to provide electricity as a service and focusing on renewable energy solutions. Through strategic partnerships and market development efforts, she pioneered sustainable and reliable power solutions in Africa, shaping a more prosperous and sustainable future.

As the African Managing Director of Orb Intelligence Africa, Aurora established a comprehensive database of African companies and forged strategic partnerships to facilitate business growth and market expansion. Her visionary guidance led to the creation of a database of 20,000 previously unknown healthcare facilities, aligning with Orb Intelligence’s mission of empowering businesses with actionable insights.

Furthermore, as the Lead of Innovation and Digital Transformation for BlueSPACEAfrica, Aurora spearheaded strategic partnerships to deploy transformative Fintech solutions in Ghana. Her leadership in testing and distributing Fintech tools worth $30 million in the informal sector drove business development and facilitated access to transformative financial technologies.

Aurora Chiste’s trajectory exemplifies her relentless dedication to leveraging innovation for social and environmental impact. With diverse experiences from Silicon Valley to Ghana, she pioneers transformative solutions that foster regenerative practices. Believing in the power of values, innovation, and community, she shapes a future that embraces interdependencies, creating a more equitable and sustainable world. As an advocate for Web3 and regenerative finance, Aurora empowers individuals and businesses to align their actions with social and environmental goals. As Aurora Chiste continues to shape the future of technology, sustainability, and business, she remains a beacon of inspiration and a powerful advocate for a harmonious, regenerative, and inclusive future.