Aurora Chisté

Aurora Chiste is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and community member of the World Economic Forum. A pioneer in regenerative finance, Aurora is the founder of Zero+. With her work she is contributing to a new economy that invigorates society and creates new ideas of wealth based around collective well-being.

With a passion for sustainable technologies first ignited in Silicon Valley, Aurora has spent the past 15 years in social entrepreneurship, fintech, data collection, and renewable energy. She is committed to finding easy-to-adopt, scalable solutions that accelerate the green economy transition.

With her first venture, Hack for Big Choices, Aurora worked to help emerging global entrepreneurs address their biggest local challenges. She then founded Maakola in 2019 to turn fashion into a force for good. Built on ESG principles, Maakola aims to regenerate the planet through a consciously designed sustainable clothing system. Aurora’s work encompasses clothing – her designs have been worn by artists, politicians (including a 2019 American Presidential candidate) and business leaders – immersive digital experiences, and NFTs.

Driven by the urgency of finding scalable solutions for a regenerative economy, in 2022 Aurora founded Zero+. Using Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Web3 to bring ownership, transparency, and scalability to the green economy, Zero+ enables businesses to reach their ESG goals and positively impacts the environment and society as a whole. Aurora sees the unique opportunity to use Web3 and ReFi to grow a new type of wealth, that is regenerative and holistic.

Aurora helps organizations and individuals innovate sustainable practices, raise capital, and sharpen strategic positioning through executive advisory and mentorship. She serves as Managing Director at Pivotag AG and advises Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area.