18 May, 2024

 I used to think car racing wasn’t my thing—until I saw Formula 1’s potential to lead the way in sustainability! 

17 May, 2024

Water is vital to our survival, yet it’s increasingly scarce—a concern for every CSO and CFO. The WWF reveals this scarcity endangers $58 trillion in economic value, equivalent to 60% of the global GDP.

3 January, 2024

As an entrepreneur, I require constant mental clarity, physical stamina, and the ability to be fully present in every situation. Whether making quick decisions, attending meetings, or handling the physical demands of frequent travel, my well-being is the cornerstone of my effectiveness.

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12 February, 2024

At COP28, ACTUAL joined forces with the Astra Project to gather a diverse group of stakeholders focusing on a critical climate change challenge: methane emissions.

29 December, 2023

My recent visits to the Regenerative Resources Co ’ Demonstration Site in Abu Dhabi, revealed the transformative impact of Regenerative Seawater Agriculture (RSA). RSA is an innovative response to the combined crises of the water, food, and climate: the system uses untreated seawater to grow food, increase local biodiversity, and sequester carbon, all without using ANY freshwater resources or chemical inputs. 

26 December, 2023

Yesterday we hosted the first COP28 Roundtable as a part of the Astra Project ‘s Global Methane Program, focusing on solutions, implementation roadmaps, financing options, and partnerships in methane mitigation.

20 December, 2023

Unique Elements of COP28:
– Sultan Al Jaber’s Dual Role: As the president of COP28 and a fossil fuel executive, Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Abu Dhabi National Oil (ADNOC) and co-founder of Masdar, exemplifies the challenge of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

19 December, 2023

What has been done so far:

🛠️ McLaren Automotive Ltd‘s eco-journey in F1 features the introduction of recycled carbon fiber (rCF), progressing towards a fully circular car by 2030. Catch Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri showcasing this at the US Grand Pr

18 December, 2023

The environmental and social agenda is currently at a crucial juncture, with businesses and investors facing increasing pressure to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to their sustainability goals.

17 December, 2023

During my recent visit to Jamaica, I explored the @Kingston Harbor Cleanup Project (KHCP) sites and witnessed the vessels in action. The The Ocean Cleanup spearheads this remarkable initiative in collaboration with Clean Harbours Jamaica Limited (CHJ), #TeamSeas by MrBeast , the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory and the GraceKennedy Ltd. This transformative project is setting a new standard in environmental conservation.

18 October, 2023

In 2022, the average U.S. household income was $105,555. What’s particularly striking is that only 11.1% of employed women in the United States reach a six-figure income.

17 October, 2023

In the swiftly evolving healthcare landscape, we’re facing a brewing crisis: a stark gap between the growing demand and the available supply of quality healthcare.

16 October, 2023

Here are the key memos I’ll bring to Dubai for COP:

1) Data plays a critical role in understanding the implications of climate change, and it’s essential to ensure public access to this data. Existing FEMA maps are two-dimensional and fall short of comprehensively capturing global effects. 

15 October, 2023

Understanding the value we bring to the world requires grappling with the complexities of the intricate system we’re a part of. This task becomes particularly challenging and counterproductive when we rely too heavily on human abilities to mimic machines. 

29 September, 2023

And this is why.

Johan Rockstrom’s recent article in TIME underscores the urgency of the situation: “Six of the nine biophysical systems and processes that regulate the state of the planet have exceeded their boundary levels and are now outside the safe operating space for humanity.” This alarming revelation exposes all of us to the risk of compromising fundamental necessities such as water, food, health, and security.

20 JUNE, 2023​

I had the privilege of participating in the 3rd annual Sustainability Week US organized by the Economist Impact. The core objective was unequivocal: to prompt immediate action from businesses and governments in order to construct a more sustainable, adaptable, and resilient world, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

18 JUNE, 2023

I had the opportunity to participate in the 3rd Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg where we addressed the pressing challenges facing the global economy and set the stage for a new chapter of global economic development. In the midst of bank failures, credit tightening, inflation, and conflicts, the global economy is in need of a fresh narrative of growth.

15 JUNE, 2023

Throughout history, technology has constantly transformed our lives, meeting our basic needs with remarkable ease. The telephone connected us across distances, videocalls erased geographical barriers, and social media accelerated our connections. However, something was missing—the ability to truly feel the presence of another person, beyond words.

27 MAY, 2023

I am grateful to have been a part of the TIME Summit in collaboration with TIME CO2, alongside some of the world’s most influential leaders who are dedicated to shaping a better future through art, climate innovation, healthcare, social justice, technology, and policies.

29 MAY, 2023

Should we continue to call ourselves Homo sapiens? What does this name say about our unique cognitive abilities and evolutionary history?

(Spoiler alert: I didn’t ask Chat GPT about this. Instead, I’ve spent many sleepless nights pondering this question, experiencing all the emotions that come with it.)

20 MAY, 2023

The International Monetary Fund has predicted that global growth will be at its lowest in the next five years, hovering around 3%.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? I argue that GDP growth is not necessarily good or bad, but rather that it is an inadequate measure of a country’s success.

19 MAY, 2023

To what extent can artificial intelligence be leveraged to achieve a net-zero life and strike a balance between people, profitability, and the planet?

20 MAY, 2023

Like many people, I picked up running during the pandemic. I needed something to hold onto: a tangible activity that would give me a break from the screen and keep me grounded. It quickly became addictive. I went from walking and running 2,226 km in 2020 to 4,781 km in 2021 and 5,657 km in 2022.

19 MAY, 2023

I had the opportunity to do a sustainability tour of the Aria Hotel and learn more about their materiality-focused, data-driven approach to social and environmental opportunities and risks.

20 MAY, 2022

I’ve met VP Al Gore for the first time 10 years ago, I’m really inspired by his dedication to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every sector of society.

29 September, 2022

At this time, two years ago, I was in the middle of 20 flights within 17 days, designing a campaign wardrobe for congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. I wanted to create an outfit that reflected her personality. We drew over 40 outfits on a 200 page PDF, and ended up with two final suits. With the help of tailors in Italy, Ghana and New Hampshire, our sketches were brought to life. 

20 MAY, 2022

She just had left Google, after being employee #20, and became Yahoo’s CEO.

That night she was radiant, happy, and six months pregnant. I don’t remember what I ate or drank. I recall only her husband opening the door with a warm smile and her closest friends having conversations about new hires and asking how they could help her.

29 September, 2021

I had a great chat with Nadia Afragola about my idea of collective evolution and how I’m using it as a framework to lead Maakola.

You can find the interview at page 56 of Club Milano

13 October, 2020

And why it’s something we all need to do

How often do you wear your clothes? Possibly not as often as you did 20 years ago. The average consumer bought 60 percent more pieces of clothing in 2014 than they did in 2000, but they only wore them half as often. This isn’t just a problem for our overstuffed closets; it’s a problem for our entire planet.

7 August, 2020

This pandemic has drawn a line between fast fashion and what’s coming next, hastening the demise of a system that was already broken. In the last of our series, we look at how sustainability will be able to guide the fashion industry out of this turmoil and introduce a cultural transformation for brands and consumers, ushering in an era where they can both win. This is how we can build the solution.

3 FEBRUARY, 2021

Whether it’s with a vote, a purchase, a social media post, or a business, our acts have the power to set a new trajectory of freedom that can be continued by other people. Your choices, your threads can cross generations and continents, and ultimately turn threads of fear into thread of freedom.

1 September, 2020
Our choices, intentions, and money are responsible for driving the future of this planet in one direction or the other.
31 July, 2020
The fashion industry has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the next part of our series, we look at the implications for the supply chain.
24 July, 2020
In the next part of our series, we look at how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we market — and consume — fashion.
22 July, 2020
Creating a campaign wardrobe for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was my Empire State of Mind moment.
17 Julyl, 2020
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15 July, 2020

Leila Janah pioneered impact sourcing. Just a few months after her death, her vision is more relevant than ever.

6 July, 2020

I had “nothing to wear”. It set me off on a whole new journey.


13 October, 2019

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with these fantastic women, who are building companies in the agribusiness sector. We spoke about their vision, ambitions, challenges and the importance of balance between self-development and work.

5 aUGUST, 2019

This portable solar home system, is powered by only 1 solar panel that doesn’t need any installation and it’s the perfect source of energy for everyday needs.

4 August, 2019

Last week, I did a full immersion in Addis Ababa to learn how digital trade is impacting Africa and how we create improved ICT infrastructure and overall better infrastructure to promote solutions through jobs and employment.

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5 aUGUST, 2018

 I wish they all had a chance to participate in conferences like #wiseafricaforum to see what’s can be done when private and public sector collaborate with the philanthropic world. Wise made the magic happen by bringing key stakeholders to discussed how to take on the challenges of a continent that is unique in its growth.

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4 August, 2018

I would like to do a better job in keeping my friends updated about what I’m up to, where I am and how I’m doing. These are some exciting updates that make me proud as Innovation Advisor of Impact Hub Accra:

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