Aurora is a serial social entrepreneur who has focused on achieving global sustainability through innovation and empowerment. She is the founder of Ray Power Africa and Maakola, using solar power to make energy accessible and affordable, and fashion to shine a spotlight on female fortitude through a modern concept of luxury. 


Her career spans the tech world from Silicon Valley to innovative energy and economic solutions across the world. For the past five years, Aurora has been recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. 


She currently lives between Accra, Ghana, Washington DC and serves as head of strategy for Plug The Sun, a Hong Kong-based company that utilizes proprietary technology to produce portable solar power solutions. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences from Università di Bologna.


Aurora’s vision is for a brighter future driven by a sense of urgency to anticipate the radical changes induced by globalization, digitalization, and demographic shifts. She sees an opportunity for the African continent to leapfrog the fossil-intensive energy regime, and also create a platform for enabling education and digital jobs for its rising billion people. As a result, the region can bypass the conventional path of energy development and skip directly into the use of solar power through distributed networks of solar home systems that are efficient and environmentally friendly.


Aurora’s assessment that tapping into the demographic boom expected in Africa, can lead to greater advancement worldwide with Ghana serving as an international hub for breakthrough innovation, human capital, and cultural preservation rather than a long forgotten proposition. While there remain challenges, Aurora’s drive and positive thinking are founded on the fact that the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by velocity, scope, and systematic change, has the potential to meet the needs of individuals and organizations that can adapt and evolve to changing situations or requirements over time; it can be the key to Africa’s bridging the development gap with the rest of the world.